When do new pieces go on sale?

New work goes on sale every Saturday at 12pm EST, unless otherwise noted on the top of my Shop page. Pieces tend to move quickly so it's best to be on time!

How much do your pieces cost?

Prices vary based on time to create and rarity of material used, but most pieces are between $40 and $130. 

What materials do you use?

My preferred medium is wood, although I occasionally work with seeds. I strive to only use organic, found material.

Do you use any stains or dyes in your work?

Nope! All natural colors! Often the wood I use will achieve a striking color from a fungus reaction called spalting. In fact, my fav fungus is called Green Elf Cup or chlorociboria aeruginascens and it imparts a lovely sapphire hue to the wood it infects. 

Where do you source your materials?

Much of the wood I source is found while hiking with my family not far from my home in Ada, MI. I do use some exotic woods as well (like Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Bocote, Padauk, Zebrawood, etc.), which I source from responsible sellers like Woodcraft. Occasionally, folks will send me striking pieces of wood from their area too. I’ve received pieces from Oregon, Texas, New York, California and beyond!

When will my order ship?

I ship items out within two days of the sale (unless otherwise noted).

Do you ship internationally?


Do you do custom pieces?

I don’t currently create custom pieces, although that’s something I hope to open up in the future!

Do you ever create non-earring pieces?

I do create pendants several times a year. I’m also experimenting with some non-jewelry items like children’s blocks and wall art and plan on releasing to my newsletter subscribers first. Sign-up here if you’re interested!

Are your pieces hypo-allergenic?

I use only hypo-allergenic, surgical steel finishings.

My piece doesn’t look exactly like the photo - what gives?

One of my favorite things about working with wood is how dynamic and ever-changing it is depending on the environment you’re in. The time of day, light in a given place and even colors of clothing you’re wearing can result in a piece looking a little bit different than it did the day before. I don’t use any filters on my photos, but do sometimes enhance for brightness/vibrancy. 

Do you have a repair/return policy?

Sure do! Check it out here.



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