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Each week I’ll post new pieces for purchase – set a reminder so you don’t miss out!

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Typically it is every Saturday at 10am but be sure to check my Instagram for details.

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“study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. it will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

my process

find wood

create design

cut wood



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meet the artist

jarrod napierkowski

Working with wood is akin to being an explorer. When you carve into wood you are seeing that grain for the first time, you are witnessing the growth and struggle that it has endured. It can be a form of time travel in a way.

I love the experience of working with wood and redesigning the beautiful structure that is already there.



Amy Says…

“Earrings are beautiful. Very helpful. First set of earrings got lost by USPS. He worked with me to send another pair in time for Christmas.”


Meg says…

“Absolutely beautiful. Textural and colorfully appealing. They are lightweight and sturdy. Very happy customer.”


Erika says…

“These are so unique & go great with my A line haircut 🙂 love his craftsmanship SO much!!”