Rainbow Spectacular!

Have you found yourself wondering about all these rainbow earrings I’ve been posting lately?

Do you find yourself asking…  yourself “what the heck?!” or “are those even the natural colors?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that they sure are!

I thought I would give you a rundown on what woods I have used in the past so you can check them out for yourself.

It is truly amazing to see all of the natural beauty that trees and bushes can produce, and their colors can be as striking as their grain patterns.

Here is a list of the wood that I have been using, along with links so you can dig in a little deeper if you’d like.

Red- Padauk

Orange- Chakte Viga

Yellow- Yellowheart

Green- Smokebush or found spalted wood.

The Smokebush was given to me by my Aunt after she had a branch go down on her property. The color and grain pattern are so brilliant!

We took a trip to Northern Michigan to hunt for the spalted wood. It is a naturally occurring fungus called Chlorociboria Aeruginescens that grows on and in decaying wood. If you can find it early enough the wood is still solid enough to use and is imbued with a sapphire or emerald color.

Blue- White Oak

It’s funny that the blue color comes from White Oak. I collected some of this wood from a local artist. They had a White Oak go down on their property and found a blue streak running down the center. This can be caused when metal gets lodged in the tree and it continues to grow. The tannins in the oak react with the metal to create a deep blue, black, or purple hue.

Purple- Purpleheart


I hope you found this enlightening!